Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (Music)

DCRM(M) - Draft rules

Containing Guidelines for Cataloging Print and Manuscript Music


Prepared by the Joint RBMS/MLA
Task Group for Developing Rules for Rare Music Cataloging:

Jain Fletcher, UCLA (RBMS), Chair

Nancy Lorimer, Stanford (MLA)
Robert Maxwell, BYU (RBMS)
Karen Spicher, Yale (MLA)
Bruce Tabb, U. of Oregon (RBMS)
Charlotte Wolfe, U. of Michigan (MLA)


The latest version of the DCRM(M) draft guidelines are ready for review!  

The RBMS/MLA Joint Task Group (hereinafter called JTG) has been working on this manual for a long while and has been using this site to communicate its progress to the two communities for whom these rules are primarily intended.  We are happy to say that our latest round of edits ("Version 5") has brought us much closer to the way we would like these rules to look when published.  We are posting these Version 5 drafts now, but will be keeping the Version 4 drafts available for a little while longer, for purposes of comparison for those interested.

If you would like to review the latest version of DCRM(M), please read the working introduction before proceeding to the draft itself, because that will help explain the procedures thus far followed by the JTG, as well as giving a brief description of the areas still in need of enhancement. 

The draft can be accessed directly through the "Table of Contents" link below, but again, please do not proceed without at least scanning the working introduction.



Documents that were presented at the "public hearing" at ALA Midwinter in Seattle ("Overview of DCRM(M) status"; and "Questions/Topics for Discussion") can be accessed through the links in this paragraph.


Documents (somewhat edited from those handed out at Seattle) that were presented at the "public hearing" at the MLA 2007 Conference in Pittsburgh ("Overview of DCRM(M) status"; and "Questions/Topics for Discussion") can be accessed through the links in this paragraph. Please note that the various examples that were handed out along with these two main documents were only created for the meeting to give a "picture" of the work being done on the rules, since there was no access to the Website at the meeting. All examples are better represented in the text of this site.


The JTG's Copyright "position paper", first presented at the ALA Conference in Anaheim (June 2008) may be accessed through the link in this paragraph. No final decision has yet been made, but the JTG is busy considering alternative wording, in keeping with its stated position, to be considered by all appropriate constituencies, including the DCRM editorial committee.


Table of Contents